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Be Better Prepared for English GCSE

Does your child struggle in English or are they looking to boost their GCSE grade? 

I provide an initial free consultation with you and your son or daughter to assess and plan a 6 week or 12 week programme of 1:1 lessons online or in person. 

Small group intensive tuition is also available.

The programme will also be tailored to meet individual needs in English Language and/or English Literature GCSE and to prepare your son or daughter to confidently meet the challenges of the GCSE exam. 

Enhance your Teaching Skills
Ring of Light Bulbs

Do you want to enhance your subject knowledge and develop practice in using critical thinking strategies in the classroom?

More than ever, the ability to think critically is an essential skill for our students. However, finding ways to systematically embed that practice in the classroom can be more of a challenge. Integrating best AfL practice alongside the most recent research available, I have devised Inset which demonstrates the efficacy of these strategies, resulting in proven progress and success for students at GCSE. 

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